The fool who persists in his folly will become wise- William Blake

In the dictionary the fool has some disparate definitions:

  1. One who acts unwisely, a person lacking judgment or sense.
  2. A professional jester, formerly kept by a person of royal or noble rank for amusement.
  3. A person who has been duped or deceived into appearing or acting silly or stupid.
  4. One who is enthusiastic, a person with a talent that cannot resist an opportunity to indulge in excitement.
  5. One who is harmlessly simple minded or idiotic.
  6. A person who subverts convention or social norms in order to reveal a spiritual or moral truth.
  7. A cold dessert made of cooked fruit mixed with cream or custard.

In tarot the Fool is an indication of newness, as well as the purity and the energy of child-like innocence. It’s generally considered a positive card, with the caveat that it’s important to take the time to look where you are going. The Fool can be considered a fresh start. This card is unnumbered, or sometimes represented as zero, and has no place in the deck. He represents divine exuberance, appreciation of beauty, and crazy wisdom. He is often depicted as being unaware that he is about to step off a cliff. The Fool has a lot to learn.

My name is Elisabeth. In my first Tarot card reading I pulled the Fool, twice, in the same position, after 2 separate shuffles.  I’ve created this blog in the spirit of trying new things, jumping off cliffs, crazy enthusiasm, and all the mistakes we make on our road to… wherever.

A lot of blogs have answers and advice from writers who have arrived at some destination. This blog is not like that. I haven’t arrived yet, and honestly don’t even know where I’m going. But I’m trying to get there anyway. Hopefully I can entertain you in the process.

A Fool’s History:

1977- Born on April Fool’s Day in Vancouver, everyone thought it was a joke.

1995-Went to university in Victoria on student loan to get a BFA in Acting.

1999-took the bus to Seattle from the University of Victoria to go to the WTO protests because the guy I had a crush on was going. I wore a dress.

2000-dropped out of school with only one more credit needed. Lived the anarchist ideal on a small gulf island gutting fish and baking bagels to make ends meet.

2001-2003- lived with my mom twice, worked in some hotels in the Alberta Rockies, wrote and produced a play at the Belfry in Victoria, worked on 2 trains, crashed my car.

2004-Got fired from my train job in Montreal. Decided to stay and live there.

2008-Finally get full time French lessons. Started living the corporate ideal, working in an office.

2014-Decide to move back to the west coast. Start a blog.