February Goals, Underachieving, the Desire Map, and Core Desired Feelings

by Elisabeth

Coming off the fabulous success of January, where I was writing/cleansing/achieving; I went and made a bunch of new goals for February. Way too many and not well thought out. Typical fool move. Needless to say I didn’t reach many, if any, of my desired outcomes. I realized my mistake pretty quickly and wrote this post about it. What I didn’t get into was how I had been doing Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map as a book club with a bunch of my friends. We are trying Danielle’s approach to goal setting, which- put simply- is figuring out what your Core Desired Feelings are (CDF’s) and then creating your goals by how you want to feel.

After going through the program, I centred on 5 CDF’s. I want to feel:

1) Potent

2) Magnificent

3) Abundant

4) Interconnected

5) Bright

There are many meanings to each of the words I chose, and what they mean to me:

Potent encompasses: sexy, prolific, effective, meaningful, creative, and sensual.

Magnificent embodies: wise, warm, infinite, present, powerfully feminine, and kind.

Abundant contains: affluent, open, confident, free, and ease.

Interconnected incorporates: loved/loving, curious, engaged, sensitive, and inspired.

Bright comprises: conscious, helpful, warm, vital, and eternal.

From there you hunker down and figure out what you need to achieve- this year, this month, this week, this day- based on those feelings. New way of goal setting.

And you aren’t supposed to have too many goals. Classic rookie mistake.

So dear readers this is all a long preamble to explain why I didn’t get done last month what I didn’t get done. Also why I haven’t gotten a new list full of new things to do- yet.

But these things are coming- explanations, celebrations, and plans. My goals for the year are:

  1. Publish something.
  2. Move to Vancouver.
  3. Participate.
  4. Blog my heart out.
  5. Take a trip.

My goals for the month? Coming up- I’ll post this week! Hope you all are keeping warm.

Me, in Cuba a year ago- feeling potent, magnificent, abundant, interconnected, and bright.

Me, in Cuba a year ago- feeling potent, magnificent, abundant, interconnected, and bright.