Fabulous February- A Lis List of Intentions for the month

by Elisabeth

  1. The “stay in the moment” diet: I spent all January on a Vegan diet, it was a truly amazing (more on that in another post.) Eating and drinking are passions of mine, so a lot of my friends were anxious for the day that I would be able to eat in normal restaurants again. Coming off of the cleanse this month, I want to keep working towards a healthier attitude towards food. I tried to think of a healthy improvement that I can make now whilst I’m working up to a liver cleanse next month. So this month I’m going to try my hand at mindful eating. That means not eating infront of my computer screen, with distractions, while reading, while standing up, etc. I have to chew slowly and really taste my food. This might sound easy, but the truth is that I never eat mindfully, or without several other things going on at the same time. Stress and eating are synonymous for me. That changed with last month’s cleanse, let’s see if I can continue a positive trend.

  2. Use email like mail: All January I’ve been doing Danielle Laporte’s life-design program, called The Desire Map. In it, you try to identify the feelings you want to feel in your life, and then build your goals from there. One of my core deisred feelings is interconnectedness. So one of my goals this month is to email a member of my family, or my friends, every day. I don’t really use email to reach out to people much anymore; I’m more reactive with it. For this goal, reaching out counts, but answering on day to day conversations does not. I want to go above and beyond what I normally do.

  3. Start a smile-virus: One day last month, I was slogging home on a particularly cold day during the polar vortex. The poor guy who hawks the metro paper was stuck outside, on a day when I was taking the cold weather way too personally. I thought about how everyone was likely grumpy, and he probably was seeing the worst in people while stuck outside in -30 weather. So even though I wasn’t feeling particularly chipper, I went out of my way to throw him a genuine smile. It made me wonder: if bad energy, and meanness can be spread like a disease, then maybe the opposite is true? This month, I’m going to do the social experiment of trying to smile at as many people as possible. I’m curious to see how it affects things, or if it affects my daily life.

  4. Take pictures: If you were wondering where all my pictures are on my posts, well I haven’t figured that out yet. I don’t take tons of phone pictures because my phone sucks. I haven’t been in the habit of taking pictures anyway. Well, dear readers, that is about to change once and for all, because this month, I’m going to force myself to take at least 3 pictures a day. Crappy or not, this should provide me something (maybe just selfies?) to show you moments of my daily life.

  5. Learn WordPress: Not much explaining to be done, but this blog needs some refining. So I’ll have to find a way to show measureable growth. Honestly have a tough time with even the most intuitive interfaces, and this will be the first time I try to teach myself one.

  6. Start letting go of stuff: A while back, I wrote a post about decluttering- something that I have a hard time with. Last night, I had some friends over, and I had the opportunity to give away some of my clothes to a girlfriend that is the same size as me. I love doing this. I’m moving in 4 months, so I really have to get rid of stuff and also start sending things home. So project-declutter is on.

  7. Be a girly-girl: I have a confession. Despite a theatre degree, growing up in the suburbs, and having been friends with several drag queens; I still don’t know how to put on makeup. Like, I wear it now, but I don’t have any idea what I’m doing. Not only that, but I’ve NEVER had my eyebrows done. So while I wait for my hair to grow past the awkward stage, I’m going to read a book on makeup application. I’m going to figure out what all those little brushes are for, and how to use them. I’ll also get my eyebrows done professionally. And I’ll take pictures.

  8. Tell stories: A year ago I signed up for a class in storytelling. The whole reason I wanted to start a blog was to tell stories. In January I realized how difficult it can be to come up with a story after a day when nothing happened, and everything seemed quite un-remarkable. I work an office job. I’m not that interesting. The focus on all my posts this month will be narrative, for the sake of making my posts more interesting.

  9. Show this blog to friends: I’ve been trying to set up this blog to get a feel for regularly posting, learning WordPress, and seeing how it all works. Next step is needing to show it to people. This is scary, but people are asking to see it. Ultimately I want them to read it, I was just hoping to get it perfect beforehand. I realize that I will need their input in order to make it better, though.

  10. Tell my boss I’m leaving Montreal:

    I posted about my procrastination problems surrounding this important action last month. I finally made the appointment with my boss, to discuss my future with my job, and ultimately whether I can keep it when I move to Vancouver. D-Day is this coming Tuesday. This one task will affect everything about my move. I can’t even concieve of how this is going to go, but one thing’s for sure: once this conversation happens, there’s no turning back.